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Deliver more innovative products. Faster.

The most successful companies today are looking beyond the app-sphere. Cohesive platforms that encompass client, developer, and back-office relationships are critical if you want your business to compete in today's tech landscape.

At Take2, our platform development pods can help you realize your vision for a robust platform that your developers, clients, and employees will use.

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Develop at new heights.

Take your infrastructure to the next level by building a platform.

API Development

With new technologies like Federated GraphQL and containerized deployments, you can re-imagine your business as a comprehensive suite of API's.


Provide developers inside and outside of your organization with robust Software Development Kits (SDK) to interact with your core business processes and functions.


Leverage Infrastructure-as-Code (IAC) to deploy at scale, every time, without manual intervention, scheduled downtime, or configuration nightmares.

" We need a platform our organization can leverage."
Common Challenges
  • We need to increase productivity across our organization
  • Operations are eating time and margin, and scaling has become difficult
  • We want to develop robust products in a centralized manner

How we help

We help you understand and implement centralized APIs that connect your business segments together in a cohesive fashion.

Build your platform affordably with a Pod.

Every platform development pod includes 2 senior software developers who have years of experience building robust and modern API's, SDK's and Cloud Architectures.

These senior engineers are full-time team members, dedicated exclusively to your project(s).

Additionally, you get a dedicated Solutions Architect, and Project Manager, to ensure your platform development stays on track.

  • in-house
  • Sr. Engineer x 2
  • Solutions Architect
  • Project Manager
  • Product Developer
    Full Access
  • UX Designer
    Full Access
  • CTO
    Full Access
  • $45,000
    per mo.

    per mo.